The first chick of Black Vulture born in the Catalan Pyrenees after more than 150 years

Posted on 30/05/2010

On April 25th the first Pyrenean chick of Black Vulture was born in the Boumort Reserve, one of the two release site of the reintroduction project together with Alinyà Mountain. This mountains, distant more than 450 km from the nearest Spanish Black Vulture colony, in Madrid, hadn’t seen this event since more than 150 years, when the species disappeared as a breeder from the region.

Today, with 36 days, the chick has a dense down covering the body, the first flight feathers shyly appearing on his wings and making efforts to stand up on his feet. As his curiosity doesn’t stop to grow, he follows others vultures flights as well as two young Lammergeiers playing in flight over the nest. The zone is now the only place in Europe where all the continent’s vultures species (Black Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Lammergeier and Egyptian Vulture) can be seen regularly together, sharing the same landscape feeding, flying and breeding.

At the same time, during the last days of May, at least 6 exogenous juveniles and immatures Black Vultures have been observed in the area: 3 from France (Cévennes and Baronnies) and 5 Iberian birds (one ringed as a chick in a Madrid colony and two others without rings). On the other hand, at least 7 vultures of the project have reached other French projects and at least 5 others have visited some of the Iberian traditional colonies. We can conclude that the link between Iberian and French population never have been so alive and reinforced than now, thanks to this project.


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