Found dead Inici, the first Black Vulture released in the Pyrenees 3 years ago

Posted on 06/06/2010

Last June 2nd Inici was found dead inside a suplementary feeding point in Huesca. Inici, as its Catalan name means, was the first Black Vulture released in the project and the beginning of many people work with the aim to recover a recently extinct species in the Pyrenees.

This Black Vulture, born in a Belgian zoo, was the first hacking of the project in Alinyà Mountain on August 2007. Although the sadness produced by any Black Vulture’s death among the members of the project, Inici’s lost goes one step beyond because he moved many people looking after him hopping that he could finally fly and live in the Catalan Pyrenees. Almost 3 years after he flew for the first time, and beeing finishing his juvenile dispersion throughout Spain and Europe, we had convinced him to live in the Pyrenees. As still an inmature bird, he was still carrying out some prospective displacements, when he found his death. We would like to thank all the people that shared some of the times of Inici’s life: the personnel of Planckendael Zoo, the volunteers (over 30) that spent over 600 h watching Inici when he was still at the hacking’s platform and all European ornithologis’t who kindly sent us their Inici’s observations during the juvenile dispersion.

We are waiting the necropsy results that will explain us the death cause. This results will allow us to  keep fighting against the threats of these majestic birds still have.


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