Three pairs of Black Vulture begin nesting in the Pyrenees

Posted on 03/03/2011

After the successful breeding season of 2010, when the first pair of Black Vulture raised a chick for the first time in the Pyrenees since more than a century (Gala), this year two more pairs have joined Perla & Portell. Hopefully a fourth pair, will probably do the same soon.

On 22th February Pessonada & Hortó layed the first egg of the season. Followed by Menta & Mario (25th Febr.) and Perla & Portell (1st March), all of them using man-made nests rebuilded by themeselves with sticks brought in every turn. Bruna & Corneli are still visiting some nests in their territory, but they have not decided the final location yet.

With these results, the first Black Vulture colony in the Catalan Pyrenees begins to consolidate, with 4 stable pairs (a fifth pair lost the male last December) and 20 individuals in total in the reintroduction area. Moreover, French vultures still appear and remain in the area (2 birds in this moment) as well as Iberian dispersive birds.


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