Balance of the 2011 breeding season

Posted on 05/07/2011

The 2011 breeding season, the second one since the first Black Vulture pair of the Pyrenees Reintroduction Project bred successfully on 2010, has finished recently.

The beginning of 2011 could not be better, with 4 pairs laying eggs in Boumort Reserve, between 22th February and 9th March. Two of them did not have chicks and stopped incubation after 86 and 74 days. The last 2 pairs saw how their chicks hatched but one of them lost it with one week old and the last one, formed by the experienced pair of 2010 (Perla & Portell), with 55 days old. We don’t know yet the reason, but at least the last one (Bruna & Corneli) could be caused by a Golden Eagle attack.

Black Vulture colonies have low productivity when forming, due to the lack of experience of the breeding birds. We hope 2012 to be the year when the first Pyrenean colony after more than 100 years and formed by 5 pairs, begin to grow up with force.


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