Three black vultures are born in the Reserve of Boumort

Posted on 20/05/2013

Corneli en el nido

Photo: Corneli in the nest with chick 12 days old

On Thursday, April 25, the egg of Bruna and Corneli, one of the 5 couples that have laid egg in 2013, hatched after 57 rainy days of incubation. With this one, there are already three chicks this season, after Olga and Aleix, a first-time couple, stopped incubation on March 28.

Bruna and Corneli joined in 2010 and bred for the third consecutive year having finally succeeded in the last one, after the failure of the first attempt of reproduction. The other two couples that have completed the incubation process are those formed by Perla and Portell, and Mario and Menta, whose chicks were born on 3 and 4 April, and continue taking care of them with total devotion.

Perla and Portell were the protagonists of the first hatching in the reintroduction program, in 2010, just 3 years after the project started, after nearly 100 years since the specie ceases to nest in the Pyrenees. Since then, the couple has seen fly two of the three chicks that have raised, and both are today established on the territory.   

Mario and Menta failed in their first two breeding seasons. Perhaps third time lucky and they have success and get it this year.

The three pairs breed in naturally built nests on European black pines, having occupied artificial platforms in past seasons.


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